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Celebrating the rich and diverse palate of India! Celebrating age-old recipes with a new age approach.

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All Natural. No Nasties

At Tulua, we are committed towards creating high quality products, which make cooking more approachable.

Our products are made with ethically sourced ingredients and contain no added chemicals, flavours, colours or preservatives.

Ensuring a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

  • Meal Base, Not a Curry Paste.

    We identify our product as a MEAL BASE.
    Our cooking paste forms the perfect base to all kinds of recipes.

  • Five Regional Indian Recipes.

    5 distinctive recipes, chosen from 5 states of India. Homestyle recipes, made using locally sourced ingredients.

  • Traditional with a new-age approach.

    Tulua is made with love and handled with care. With strict QC policies and high product control, we bring you a product which reminds you of home.

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